They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is my photo story of International Quilt Festival. 
If you prefer words see the post before this one.



10/24/2015 6:24am

Quilts are something very personal and could change your mood. People love to buy some quilt according to their taste and choice. But quilt festival are the golden chance to have quilt of your choice when a large number of quilts are displayed and only you have to select the best for your mood and buy.

02/16/2016 11:35pm

Thanks for your post about Festival ;)

04/25/2016 11:08pm

Good report from that festival! Thanks a lot ;)

06/09/2016 8:21am

Thanks for the report!

06/19/2016 1:16am

Yes, I prefer words, I'll see it :))

07/04/2017 3:13am

Just like you, I always love to take pictures. I've been to many places in our country and one of my favorite international trips was when I visited South Korea. Though those were all plane trips, I've enjoyed a lot and promised to myself to try another thing the next time. I will surely allot more time and money if I decided to be back. I will a lot of pictures. Not just in Korea but in all other countries that I want to visit. It will surely cost me much but the experiences would pay a lot of satisfaction. Thank you for this blog


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