In November I took silk painting classes with Bahama Dawn. I wanted to learn how to paint a sky fabric for my art quilts. If you have ever looked for sky fabric you know how difficult it is to find a good one. I wanted to be able to create the sky that I see with all the colors and random clouds that make life beautiful. 
What I discovered in that silk painting class was so much more!! Kim taught me different techniques with salt, vinegar, sugar & water. You're right, I know it sounds like salad dressing but combining these with the fabric adds flavor to the painting. I had so much FUN in class that I purchased paints scarves and fabrics. I made scarves for the women on my list for Christmas. They were the guinea pigs helping me learn...hehe
Here are the silk scarves hanging in my garden. It was really fun to make personalized gifts.
Watching the color flow on silk is amazing and almost addictive in how much I enjoy it. Color is what I love. Combining colors of fabrics to play with or play off of one another is what gives my art quilts depth and dimension. Now I am able to play with color in a brand new way. Mixing colors and watch them do their own thing on the fabric. 

Here are my first two art quilts using silk backgrounds that I painted.

Feeling Blue
I painted a silk background to showcase my mighty marlin. 

Arena was an old sponging sloop and this depicts a bit of Abaco history.  The sky is hand painted to get that vibrant blue and puffy white clouds.

I had so much fun playing with the paints that I decided to try some little pieces. What a great break from the long hours of art quilting. Now I am rejuvenated and inspired to create with color.